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Customer feedback on the KraskiNet paint remover from the metal surface. You can leave your review.

отзыв о краскинетSvyatoslavs review.

05.06.2018 - Pavel Kon
Review in Vk group

Hi, everybody. Oh, I promised to write a review - I need to stand by my word. I promised to write as it was for me, all the pros and cons.

The task was to wash off the old paint from the boat. I didn’t want to use an abrasive - it damages the factory protection layer on the duralumin, therefore I chose to apply chemical substances. I tried using the gel, but the result was not inspiring))). I saw on the Internet how KraskiNet works, and purchased it.

Wow! IT REALLY WORKS! It peels the paint very well and very quickly. In my opinion, these words are enough to describe consumer qualities. IT IS VERY GOOD AND WORKS VERY QUICKLY. BUT! You need to comply with the instruction. It is necessary to heat up the paint remover and apply it onto the warm surface. I didn’t do that and a couple of kilograms of the product went to waste))))

Are there any downsides? Yes, there are. The remover is aggressive. I strongly do not recommend to use it in case of windy weather. It stings the skin on unprotected areas.

Another downside for me is that there is no representative office in Kazan (and I WOULD LIKE IT TO BE THERE)

Also, I would like to tell you about the guys from the company. There are very customer-oriented. The first time they were passing through Kazan, and they just brought me the paint remover to the place that I asked them to bring it. The second time they sent the product to me through the person who was passing through the city))) I did not pay for delivery both times)

CONCLUSION: It is an excellent paint remover for working outdoors in calm weather conditions or in a well-ventilated room. I rate this product with 5- (minus for the fact that there is no representative office in Kazan)

04.07.2017 - Святослав

The paint remover is just awesome))) When I received it, I decided to try it immediately. So, this is how it all started - I could not stop until the paint ran out. We will definitely order more.

12.05.2017 - Ruzil Timirov

I've tried different means in order to remove old paint from the rims and I can draw the following conclusion:

1) ABROPR-600 - aerosol, 263 g., manufactured in USA, price - 300-350 rubles. It works well, the paint peels off, but the consumption rate leaves much to be desired. You need about 2 cans per 1 square meter;

2) KUDOKU-9001 - aerosol, 520 ml., manufactured in Russia, price - 130-170 rubles. It is a very weak substance, you need to apply 3-5 layers to remove the paint to the metal, while working with a spatula. For 1 sq.m. you need about 3 cans;

3) KraskiNet - I bought 1.2 kg to try the product, price - 720 rubles. I was very surprised - after applying, after about 10 minutes, the paint just peeled off. I didn't even have to use a spatula. Consumption rate is low, I think that one plastic can is enough for 2-3 sq.m., maybe even more. The only thing is that you must wear personal protective means - when the product comes into contact with skin, it stings a lot. It is advisable to wear a mask/respirator, because the smell can cause a headache. For my purposes, the paint remover turned out to be even very strong. It would be good to know how to dilute it in order to reduce consumption rate. I was very pleased; I will continue to use it.

22.03.2017 - Danil Korotkij

Many thanks for the product. We tested it on castings and really enjoyed it

отзывы краскинет автосервиса PrecarFeedback from the partners of the Moscow car service Precar

30.09.2016 - Moscow car service Precar

We cleaned the exterior panels to the bare metal. After 6 winters in Moscow, no paint will be in good condition.

19.03.2016 - Feedback from the partners

Aleksey! Slava! Thank you!!

I really did not expect that there's going to be such an effect!!

I recommend this product to everyone!


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